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Welcome to the International Melioidosis Network (IMN). The network is open to anyone with an interest in melioidosis. By joining this Google group, you automatically become a member of the International Melioidosis Network.  

Main objective of the IMN is to facilitate communication between members.  

IMN Committee Member
- Direk Limmathurotsakul, Thailand [Chair]
- Bart Currie, Australia [Executive member]
- Joost Wiersinga, Netherlands-Africa [Executive member]
- Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay, India (preferred email: chiranjay at
- Dionne Rolim, Brazil
- Enoka Corea, Sri Lanka
- Eric Bertherat, Switzerland-WHO
- Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, Bangladesh 
- Gan Yunn Hwen, Singapore
- Ivo Stienmetz, German-Africa-Vietnam (preferred email: ivo.steinmetz at
- Jay Gee, USA-CDC
- Jessica Webb, Australia [Co-chair of WMC2024]
- Mark Mayo, Australia [Committee member & Co-chair of WMC2024] 
- Paul Keim, USA
- Sheilla Nathan, Malaysia 
- Sciobhan McClean [Chair of EMN2025]
- Surasak Wongratanacheewin, Thailand
- Susanna Dunachie, UK
- Trung T. Trinh, Vietnam 
- Ya-Lei Chen, Taiwan 

Honorary Committee Member 
- David Dance, UK-Laos  
- Natkunam Ketheesan, Australia

Objective of the IMN committee
1) To select the host and venue for World Melioidosis Congress (WMC) and European Melioidosis Network (EMN)
2) To guide and support the host of WMC and EMN
3) To facilitate communication among member of IMS and people with an interest in melioidosis
4) To create awareness about melioidosis among medical and veterinary professionals, scientists, healthcare workers, policy makers and the general public in different parts of the world and to support the melioidosis research community.

How to join the International Melioidosis Network. 
Be IMN to receive and post emails. Any member can post a message to the group!!!  You do not need a Gmail address to join, and your email address will remain confidential unless you post a message to the group. You may need an invitation from managing members to join. Please feel free to contact Joost <>, Yuwana Podin <> or Apichai <> for member invitation. If you want to be a managing member, please feel free to contact me ( directly. 

1) Please note that, as a member, you can adjust your setting at "Membership and email setting" ranging from "receive email from every post" to "not receiving any email from this board". 
2) Please visit our main website at for updated information of melioidosis