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Welcome! Feel free to discuss anything related to the Janus WebRTC Server (

This is a community where people try and help each other on a best-effort basis. Since this is a COMMUNITY, do help other people with their problems, rather than just asking for it. Since our time is precious, in our spare time we will personally prioritise those that do support others. 

For commercial support or consulting requests, please contact us directly instead.

A few important guidelines (we will ignore posts that don't comply):
  1. Please NEVER post huge bunches of text (e.g., code, logs or SDPs) in your posts (use a service like gist or pastebin)
  2. Make sure you read the documentation before posting (we worked hard on that)
  3. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is available as well, so please read it before posting
  4. Make sure your question wasn't asked (and answered) already, using the "search" feature
  5. If you have streams/connectivity/blackscreen problems, check the Admin API first (a lot of info there)
  6. If you're sure you found a bug (but only if you're sure), please open an issue on github instead
  7. We'll just say that again: help others!