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Nov 29, 2023, 2:20:19 AM11/29/23
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Ativan falls within the category of benzodiazepines, designed to address anxiety-related concerns. Simultaneously, it alleviates restlessness, combats insomnia, induces muscle relaxation, and diminishes seizures and nausea. However, it is crucial not to exceed a four-week usage duration. Adherence to the treatment plan prescribed by a medical professional is imperative due to the drug’s potential for dependence, warranting only short-term utilisation

Ativan stands as an indispensable solution for promptly alleviating episodes of anxiety. Its applicability extends to instances preceding surgeries, dental appointments, or any situations evoking fear. To alleviate anxiety while anticipating discomfort or distress, the medication should be consumed 10 minutes prior to the procedure..

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