Introducing SMIViewer - A free (soon opensource) DICOM volume analyzer for research/study

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May 21, 2008, 4:34:10 AM5/21/08
to science.medical.imaging
Dear Medical Imaging enthusiast,

As promised a little over one year ago (at it's inception),
Science.Medical.Imaging group is pleased to announce a first ever
release of its totally free DICOM image set (volume) analyzer:
SMIViewer v1.0.0.1. (SMI stands for Science.Medical.Imaging).

Here is a sneak peek of its current capabilities:

Please note that it is to be used solely for research/academic
purposes. This software is not a commercial product, and has been
developed in spare time by the moderator(s) of the
science.medical.imaging group. The goal is to develop a simple
platform that would allow researchers to add their custom image
analysis algorithms
very quickly.

This first trial version allows you to load most DICOM 3.0 compliant
set of primary images (known issues have been noted in the Readme
document). It lets you browse the loaded image information in 3
dimensions: with 3 orthogonal MPR views, and a volume rendered views
(with some limitations).

It is only Microsoft (R) Windows(TM) platform based for now. And all
the code is free of any proprietary work, except for the DICOM input/
output code which is courtesy of dcmtk (Copyright (C) 1994-2005,

If you would be interested in evaluating it for your research/study
purposes, please write to and we would be glad
to provide an absolutely free binary. Please just mention where you
are from (institution/lab) so we can keep track of its usage.

Please note that only one person has contributed to this project till
now, and the second one has volunteered recently (thank you!). And
therefore the things that you can achieve with it are limited.
However, we hope to grow this project solely for the benefit of those
in school or research labs, free of cost.

As the system becomes stable, we will consider making the code
opensource too.

Thanks for your support to another open source effort!

Prashant Chopra
Science.Medical.Imaging group.
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