Star Hospitals presented NABH Accreditation

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Vijaykumar Dave

Sep 30, 2011, 5:20:57 PM9/30/11

Star Hospitals presented NABH Accreditation

Star Hospitals is the 5th Hospital in Andhra Pradesh and 78th in the country to have got accreditation. The certificate was presented by Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani, in a function specially organised for the purpose. It was also the day of Star Hospitals Foundation.

, Andhra Pradesh, September 28, 2011 /India PRwire/ -- Consciousness for quality health is deplorable in government hospitals in the country. Out of a total number of 650 government hospitals, including District and Primary Health Care Centers, only 8 are NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers) Accreditated informed Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani, Head of National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers in India and Secretary General of Quality Council of India while addressing the gathering in Star Hospitals on Wedenesday morning just before presenting NABH Accreditation Certificate to Star Hospitals.

Star Hospitals is the 5th Hospital in Andhra Pradesh and 78th in the country to have got accreditation. The certificate was presented by Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani, in a function specially organised for the purpose. It was also the day of Star Hospitals Foundation. Exactly 3 years back it was founded and it is one of the very few hospitals in the country or probably only in the country to have got NABH Accreditation within two and half years of its formation, added Dr. Gopichan Mannam, Managing Director of Star Hospitals.

Speaking further Dr. Girdhar J. Gyani added that while country boasts of 40,000 small, medium and big corporate hospitals, it is irony that only 111 have got NABH Accreditation. On the government hospitals front while we have 650 government hospitals both including District and Primary Health Centers, only 8 hospitals have been awarded NABH Accreditation. None of these hospitals are from the state of Andhra Pradesh. While other states like Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka are far ahead of Andhra Pradesh. Even the state of Jammu & Kashmir is ahead of Andhra Pradesh, he stated.

While 15 government hospitals in Tamil Nadu started the NABH process, 2 have got NABH. Similarly in Kerala 19 started the process and 2 got, in Gujarat 29 started and 3 have been awarded the accreditation. Your neighboring state in Karnataka is pushing for the accreditation of 12 government hospitals in its first phase, he said. Among private and government put together 526 hospitals are actively pursuing accreditation in the country today. And he expects nearly 500 hosptials to get accreditation in the next five years.

In most of the developed countries like America, Australia and Canada, 90 per cent of the hospitals are Accredited. Dr. Girdhar urged the state health minister to make a compulsory rule for hospitals who apply for empanelment under Aarogyasri must have NABH Accreditation. This practice in vogue in CGHS ECHS, he said.

NABH Accreditation helps hospitals and patients in many ways. In a study Quality Council of India done in six hospitals they found that the infection rate after NABH accreditation is granted has come down to 5 to 7%, while the average prevailing rate across the globe was 18 to 40%. Which means, NABH helps dramatically to improve the quality of health care delivery. He also said that it was found by them that the average duration of hospitalisation has also come down in NABH Accreditated hospitals.

Star Hospitals, a Hyderabad based 130 bedded tertiary health care facility is accorded NABH accreditation (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers). Dr. Giridhar Gyani Secretary General, Quality Council of India was Guest of Honour and presented NABH Certificate to Dr. Gopichand Mannam, Managing Director of Star Hospitals. The function is attended by hospital staff and other guests.

Set up on 28th September in the year 2008, today Star Hospitals is the name to reckon in the city for quality health care services. It has done more than 4500 Open Heart Surgeries right from its inception. It's Managing Director Dr. Gopichand Mannam has a rare distinction of performing more than 16000 Heart Surgeries in his career so far. A record performance not many can achieve in a lifetime career.

Though 3 years is a too short a time, Star Hospitals has made an indelible mark and emerged as a key provider in Healthcare. In these 3 years span of time it has rendered yeoman service for the poor children suffering with Congenital Heart Diseases through Hrudaya Foundation. Operated a complex Open Heart Surgery combining both Artery Bypass and Aortic Valve. Performed a Open Heart Surgery on a 90 years old patient which is rare in the medical history. A unique, highly complicated and life threatening Cardio Vascular (Hybrid) Surgical Procedure was performed for the first time in Andhra Pradesh. This was a new Hybrid Procedure (comprising of Surgery and Stent) was performed to treat Aortic Dissection.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Gopichand Mannam said that the Star Hospitals is the 78th hospital in the country and 5th in Andhra Pradesh to have got NABH. Across the globe there is a growing demand for quality healthcare services. That has called for a closer look at the healthcare delivery systems and the necessity to introduce quality assurance mechanisms. The accreditation of hospitals assumes particular significance in this context. Accreditation relies on establishing technical competence of healthcare organisations in terms of certain standards in delivering services. With NABH Accreditation choosing the right hospital becomes easy. Because NABH awards Accreditation after strict scrutiny of many aspects of hospital and patient care management, he informed.

Stating further, Dr. Gopichand added that besides infrastructure, it is important for the patient to know that the hospital follows documented process for its healthcare services. Patient care goes beyond just clinical areas. Support activities such as test, medicines, nursing care, infection control practices, training and many more such things count a lot. A quality-conscious hospital should define all such activities internally, document the same, and impart necessary training to the staff. These documented activities include detailed job responsibilities, work instructions, checklists and quality indicators for the staff to follow.

So how will the patient know about these processes? How do patients know these details? Where are these details available? Do they enquire with hospital? Patients/attendants are not educated enough to understand many processes hospitals follow. Accreditation is the key. It ensures and certifies that NABH Accredited hospital strictly adheres to the laid down practices and guidelines. So a patient who visits a NABH accredited hospital is reassured that he or she is provided with safest and scientific based processes and procedures.

NABH has designed an exhaustive healthcare standard for hospitals and healthcare providers in the country. This standard consists of stringent 500 plus objective elements for the hospital to achieve in order to get the NABH accreditation. To comply with these standard elements, the hospital will need to have a process-driven approach in all aspects of hospital activities - from registration, admission, pre-surgery, peri-surgery and post-surgery protocols, medication procedures, discharge from the hospital to follow-up with the hospital after discharge including 24x7 emergency care. And we are happy that Star Hospitals has passed and lived up to the NABH's strict procedures, informed Dr. Gopichand.

NABH Accreditation helps patients in all aspects such as their rights, respect for personal dignity, privacy during examination, right to refusal to treatment, information on how to voice complaint, access to his / her clinical records, ensuring quality investigations and many such things. It helps hospital managements, staff, patients, their attendants.

Medical Standards are the need of the hour. Unfortunately, not much emphasis is laid on those standards. NABH really helps hospitals go for high standard healthcare. It distinguishes quality hospital from the rest.

- Vijaykumar Dave

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