Attention: MediaCore admin currently broken with Firefox 18!

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Felix Schwarz

Jan 15, 2013, 6:39:14 AM1/15/13
Just wanted to mention that the MediaCore admin interface is currently broken
if you use Firefox 18+ (FF 17 works fine, so does Google Chrome and possibly

The most serious thing is that no lightboxes will appear (e.g. to manage media
files but also adding categories, tags, ...). Besides that there are a lot of
graphical glitches.

Good news is that the frontend site should not be affected. This looks like a
problem in the mootools-dependend stuff.

I'll fix that but if anyone wants to spend some time already (also partial
solutions welcome!), please feel free.

Given the extend of the breakage I'll publish a new 0.9.x release once we
identified the proper fixes.


Felix Schwarz

Jan 16, 2013, 3:52:33 PM1/16/13

As it turned out this was really a problem in MooTools. I pushed a fix to
MediaCore (stable + master branch).

I didn't do an immediate release as I want to have a bit more testing before.

This is a good way to help out: Try the latest MediaCore 0.9 stable branch and
see if it works for you in different browsers. Please report which browsers
you tested :-)


PS: In the end this is a good example why I really dislike mootools and I want
to switch away from that library: Overwriting/redefining built-in JavaScript
functions will break sooner or later (now it got MediaCore) and that's why it
is a stupid idea for a JS framework.
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