Auto Transcoding Plugin Completed

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Jan 3, 2014, 2:43:33 AM1/3/14
I forked the ffmpeg plugin cause it was inspiring me to commit crimes. I love ffmpeg, I've used it for years. But that silly Ubuntu move to avconv and my OCDness flaired up enough motivation for me to fork the whole thing and try to do a half decent job of it. So, eff ffmpeg. Handbrake is in our future, I suspect.

I've tested this a decent amount, but maybe others will find problems. This was authored around the idea of fairly easy installation (I call that clean). Also, I've had great great success as late with "handbrake" for transcoding. So that's what's doing my transcoding here. It's easily installed.

I'm partly interested in re-writing this as a Python module/plugin for MediaDrop itself. It'd of course depend on handbrake being installed, but handbrake, like ffmpeg, runs on everything worth running. Aside from that, I'm quite tempted to get myself auto thumbnail generation going. I have several hundred family video clips to upload to my mediadrop site.. And yeah.. thumbnails are so nice to have.. Hmmm.. 

Adam Morris

Jan 28, 2014, 8:53:45 PM1/28/14
This is cool.
I think for my users though I think their movie needs to get transcoded "in front of them" sort of like how it uploads in front of them. It's not too terribly difficult to wrap python around handbrake, and there are a few libraries out there that do just that. I'm not completely familiar with how the front-end stuff works, but maybe I'll get a better grasp of it in the coming week.
Also, with MediaDrop, you can't publish it until it's been appropriately transcoded, so even with your daemon the users can't publish it, correct?
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