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Adam Morris

Jan 28, 2014, 8:50:47 PM1/28/14
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Hello all,

I was just wondering how the general development is going? I have a week in Korea with the in-laws and I'm not doing much so I thought I'd give porting MediaDrop from Pylons to Pyramid just for the hell of it. The main reason is "because it's fun" but Pyramid's build-in acl stuff looks way better than repoze.who. Besides, even if I fail spectacularly at least I'll have a better grasp of the "full stack" of one of these apps.

I use mediadrop for my school's video upload site, and it works great. There are a few customizations (such as authenticating to an external database), and it works pretty well. Unlike some other open source projects, however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of development activity. That does worry me a bit.

Also the plugin documentation needs a bit of work if you ask me, I got everything that I needed working but the documentation actually confused me so I closed it and just played around got it all figured out. You can have more than one controller, from what I can see. It's actually really not that hard. No idea about where the mediacoreext thing fits in, though, I get what problem it's solving but why doesn't MediaDrop just use the namespace, why make it optional? What am I missing?

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year!

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