preparing beta release of MediaCore CE 0.10

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Felix Schwarz

Apr 1, 2013, 3:50:13 PM4/1/13

It's been a long time already since the last major release of MediaCore. In
the last week I finally had some time to clear remaining issues and get
acquainted with some parts of doc build/website updates so I plan to release a
beta of 0.10 shortly.

The one main thing missing (for me personally) is to create detailed release
notes which explain the new features.

How you can help:
1. Check out the updated documentation, I rewrote most of the install/upgrade
2. Update the translations in Transifex. I'll pull changes regularly.
- If you're interested in the es_*, sv_*, pt_*, de_* or en_* translations I
have a few comments to share with you.
3. Try the new version (use the git master branch)

If you have any bug fixes which need to go into the next stable release, you
should come forward now!

Planned release schedule:
- beta release later this week (until April 6)
(wait for install feedback, translations)
- publish another release candidate (rc) every two weeks until there are no
more problems reported/no ongoing work on translation happens.
- publish MediaCore CE 0.10.

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