MediaCore CE 0.10b1 released

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Felix Schwarz

Apr 12, 2013, 6:56:11 AM4/12/13

yesterday I publised the first beta release of MediaCore CE 0.10. This release
is the first major release of MediaCore CE since SimpleStation Inc. (now
MediaCore Inc.) handed over project control to the community. The release
contains a lot of bug fixes, improvements and additions over previous versions
of MediaCore.

The main feature for this release is a *new authorization infrastructure* so
you can restrict media access to certain groups (e.g. logged in users). The
API is quite generic so plugins can create their own access restrictions (e.g.
based on URL access tokens, restrict access to individual media). Furthermore
the *YouTube integration* was improved significantly so that it can also
deliver HTML5 videos to your users. And last but not least *Facebook comments*
were updated so it matches the current Facebook recommendations.

I published detailed release notes online [1] and I'm looking forward to your

Of course the new version comes with updated documentation [2] which contains
also upgrade instructions. Hopefully with the new docs installs and updates
will be easier than before.

How you can help:
- Check out the updated documentation
- Update the translations in Transifex [3]. I'll pull changes regularly
- Try the new version (download the tar file [4], use the git master branch
or the 'v0.10.0b1' tag)

If you have any bug fixes which need to go into the next stable release, you
should come forward now!

My plan is to wait maybe 1-2 weeks to see if someone finds any major issue
which needs to be fixed. Also I hope that we can get some translation updates.
If anything goes well we should have a final release in May.


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