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Benjamin West

Apr 29, 2013, 12:06:44 PM4/29/13
to Jamie Bate, MeDevice List

No, it's not off the boil, it's just that all of this is done in people's free time.  I'm forwarding the discussion to the medevice list so perhaps we can get the ball rolling with more people.

I like the ideals you mentioned... having full accountability/full control, and being able to move from system to system.  There are some industry standards emerging; I've linked to them here: with a quick demo of finding the standard "code" for glucose finger sticks.  The next metrics to identify would be insulin doses.  The SmartPlatform/Indivo stuff makes it fairly easy to define language-independent bindings for dealing with data, and making it available across systems.  Their system is for general-use but extensible, open, and adaptable... I suppose my proposal is that we use their data model and other standards to define the diabetic-specific use cases, and we should be able to write software that is interoperable more quickly.

With insulin doses and finger sticks, we could customize/define several serializations as a baseline phr-monograph.
It sounds like you've done some excellent work on prototyping some suggestions along these lines.  I'd love to see it.  Feel free to fork any of the materials, change everything and submit pull requests back on github, this is an excellent way to generate meaningful discussion on these issues.  I would suggest forking the databetes project and making some proposals/examples?


On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Jamie Bate <> wrote:
Hi Ben, 

I just thought I would flick you a quick 'hi' email.

I noticed that you are a contributor to the databetes project - has this gone off the boil? I tried contacting the guy running it but never heard anything back.

My interest is that while I have looked at the CareLink stuff with Lane I am not actually a pump/CGM user myself. In NZ these tools are all self funded and with two small kids I have no way of affording it  (to be honest I am going fine on multiple injections and ). My long term plan is too develop apps / a service for users like myself - giving me access to tools to track and analysis over time no matter what system I am using, and also ownership of my data. Because of this having a standard data format that I can translate too would be great. At the moment I have kept it fairly simplistic and then just translated the Carelink data in the select to my format - a bit rough but it worked for the purpose of a demo.

Keen to hear our thoughts/ experiences and if the open databetes project is off the boil are you keen to look at something else - or is their already?



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