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Aleksander Rozman

Jan 21, 2015, 2:01:54 PM1/21/15
to MeDevice List
Hi !

Few days ago I was contacted by someone, who wanted to have support for Omnipod in my software... He provided me with stuff (*.ibf file containing all data and data export), so I was wondering if anybody tried to hack/decode OmniPod files?

I tried to contact Ben (chief of decoding project), but I seem to be blacklisted...

Any help welcome, and files provided I can share (person who gave them to me allowed this)...

Take care,

Benjamin West

Jan 21, 2015, 2:19:44 PM1/21/15
to Aleksander Rozman, MeDevice List
Howdy Andy,

Thanks for writing!  I got your message, just slow to get through all the emails, that's all.
Currently I've been working on Nightscout:
You might be interested in the android-uploader, it has support for Dexcom, and a few branches are building out support for Carelink USB stick
There's been a number of side projects to extend solutions with custom hardware:

It would be really awesome to get omnipod decoded.
I have a repo already set up for it, but no content.

I'm looking at ways to cheaply/easily get these projects through the FDA.  Wish us luck!


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Jana Beck

Jan 21, 2015, 4:29:08 PM1/21/15
to Benjamin West, Aleksander Rozman, MeDevice List
Hi Andy,

We're currently working on OmniPod decoding at Tidepool.

All the code is on GitHub here: (the most up-to-date OmniPod code is on the branch jebeck/insulet at present, though it may be merged soon).

And here's our developer portal and our platform input data model documentation. If you'd like to contribute to the code, you'll need to sign our VCLA first.

Feel free to contact me, or jump in our #tidepool channel on the Freenode IRC server ( (No one monitors the channel all the time, so pinging someone by using their name is the best way to be heard - I'm in there as jebeck.)


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