Release 0.4.5

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Alistair Boyle

Mar 14, 2011, 11:16:35 PM3/14/11
to meagre-crowd
Meagre-crowd has a new release: 0.4.5

A major rewrite of the matrix loading code, replacing BeBOP's broken
loader. Also, a number of improvements for right-hand side management.

A tar is available at github, under "downloads".

Release 0.4.5: Mar 14, 2011
Refactored matrix prep prior to analysis & factorization
Fixed a couple of memory leaks.
Catches all-zero answers properly.
Enabled UMFPACK input checking.
Fixed bug in unsym -> sym matrix conversion.
Optimization: dcol2drow and drow2dcol w/ vectors
Now supports matrix RHS when solvers only support vectors.
WSMP now works for MPI with multiple nodes.
Native multiple RHS (MUMPS)
Native multiple RHS (Pardiso)
Native multiple RHS (WSMP)
Pass in sparse RHS (MUMPS)
Fixed WSMP; needed to pass NRHS to all workers.
Replaced MatrixMarket file reader.
Support for symmetric COO MatrixMarket files.
Updates to the get_dependencies script to make it easier to use.

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