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Nigger Democrat 'Gorilla Glue girl' Tessica Brown’s GoFundMe money has been released

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Mar 6, 2021, 2:33:14 PM3/6/21

GoFundMe is no longer investigating Tessica Brown’s fundraiser
and has released the funds to her account, the website told The
Post Thursday morning.

“The GoFundMe Trust & Safety team has released the funds and
they should be on their way to Tessica,” a spokesperson for the
website wrote in an email of the $23,893 windfall Brown has been
waiting for so she could donate it to charity.

On Wednesday, the viral TikToker, who rose to internet stardom
after she slathered her hair in Gorilla Glue, cementing her
locks in place for a month, told The Post that GoFundMe was
investigating her account and wouldn’t release the funds.

She’d started the fundraiser early on in her plight to pay for
wigs and medical expenses, but after celebrity plastic surgeon
Dr. Michael Obeng agreed to treat her hair for free, she decided
to donate the bulk of the cash to a foundation he runs and the
rest to families in her town.

However, Brown said the fundraising website wouldn’t let her
withdraw the cash because many people had reported the account
as “fraudulent,” Brown explained.

“That’s going to be pretty upsetting because who are y’all to
say, you know, this was a fraudulent account?” she said

GoFundMe said Brown needed to explain exactly what the funds
would be used for in the bio before the cash could be released.

The spokesperson said Thursday “the organizer stated she would
donate the funds to a charity and to families” in her town and
the company was in the process of working on a withdrawal plan
with her.

Brown didn’t return a request for comment.

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