Wrapped coordinates and kd-tree with PBC

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Sep 2, 2022, 5:28:28 AMSep 2
to MDnalysis discussion

I have a problem in generating a kdtree using wrapped (by MDA) coordinates.

If I use something like :

u = mda.Universe(data,dump)
boxsize = u.dimensions[:3]
hydrogens = u.select_atoms("type 5")
# Wrap coord
ag = u.atoms
transform = transformations.wrap(ag)
for i, ts in enumerate(u.trajectory):
    tree_h = KDTree(hydrogens.positions, boxsize=boxsize[:3])

It results in "ValueError: Some input data are greater than the size of the periodic box."

Indeed, boxsize[:3] = array([18.68471909, 18.68471909, 18.68471909])
And hydrogens.positions.min() = 0.0018157959
        hydrogens.positions.max() = 18.684723

Do you have an idea on how to fix this? My trajectory was generated in NVT ensemble. I tried boxsize = u.dimensions.astype(np.float64) without success.

Thanks !

Oliver Beckstein

Sep 2, 2022, 1:52:46 PMSep 2
to mdnalysis-discussion
Hi Thibaut,

What box shape are you using? Why don’t you pass all of u.dimensions to the box argument?

Presumably, the NVT simulation maintains the box. Did you check that this is true?

Why not pass the current dimensions for each step 

KDTree(…, box=ts.dimensions)

(ts.dimensions is the same as u.dimensions, I just like to indicate that it’s really a property of the tlmestep).

Is KDTree our PeriodicKDTree https://docs.mdanalysis.org/stable/documentation_pages/lib/pkdtree.html or something else?

It’s still possible that there are rounding issues somewhere — wrapping is tricky business and prone to all kinds of precision problems but we can think about this when we have excluded other potential issues.


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Nov 4, 2022, 10:01:47 AMNov 4
to MDnalysis discussion
Hello Oliver, thank you for your answer, and sorry for the delay, I did not receive any email warning me about your answer.

About my problem :
- it is a cubic box
- it is a NVT run, box size is conserved
- I am using KDTree from scipy
- scipy KDTree only use cubic boxes to handle PBC, and take an array of shape (3,)

Additional infos :
- it is a dcd lammps trajectory.

Here is a minimal example :

Capture d’écran 2022-11-04 à 14.49.08.png

from scipy.spatial import KDTree

from MDAnalysis import transformations
import MDAnalysis as mda

data = "./structure.data"
dump = "./dump.dcd"
dt = 200

# ---------------------------------------- #
# ------------- LOAD DUMP ---------------- #
# ---------------------------------------- #
u = mda.Universe(data, dump, format="dcd", lammps_coordinate_convention="unwrapped", dt=dt, timeunit="fs")

# ---------------------------------------- #
# -------------- ANALYSIS ---------------- #
# ---------------------------------------- #

# Wrap coord
ag = u.atoms
transform = transformations.wrap(ag)

for ts in u.trajectory:
    boxsize = ts.dimensions
    positions = ts.positions
    # boxsize = ts.dimensions.astype(np.float64)
    # positions = ts.positions.astype(np.float64)
    tree = KDTree(positions, boxsize=boxsize[:3])

I am sure that it is a "problem" with wrap function, as when I get a "ValueError: Some input data are greater than the size of the periodic box.", the maximum position is beyond the box limit (positions[:,2].max() > box size[0]). I tried to play with precisions without success. Maybe I should add a translation to push everything in the box ? However, I would like to be sure that wrap function is reliable.

I can share dump.dcd and structure.data files, but I am not sure how dcd files are portables.
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