MDnalysis discussion

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The mdnalysis group discusses the MDAnalysis library, a Python-based package that enables scientists to easily analyze the results from molecular dynamics simulations. Here you can, for example,
  • ask questions about the installation of the package,
  • ask for help using MDAnalysis,
  • suggest new features,
  • report bugs (and please also report them through the Issue Tracker)
  • discuss writing code with and for MDAnalysis
  • help others
  • ...
In addition to the project homepage see also the full Online Documentation for more information.

NOTE: If you are a new user then your post will be screened by a moderator and then posted to the group. This can take a few hours but after the first post, you will be able to post instantaneously. Apologies for the inconvenience but this policy helps to keep the group spam-free.

P.S.: We had to name the group "mdnalysis" because Google would not let us name the group any word that contains the word "anal"...