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Sep 1, 2011, 11:58:54 PM9/1/11
to M/DB Community Forum

I'm using the node-mdb virtual appliance to run a local instance of
what will later be an AWS SimpleDB database.
Now when I point the SimpleDB Management tools from MindScape to it
(v1.0.550.18139, VS2010), everything works as long as there is exactly
one domain. Otherwise I get a timeout.

I think I see the problem: When I look at the trace from the node-mdb
terminal window, there is the argument 'MaxNumberOfDomains=1' present
on the request.

Is this something on the Mindscape side of things or has it to do with
node-mdb? Because I'm not sure about this, I posted this problem also
over at the Mindscape Forum.

Thanks in advance

Ivan Towlson

Sep 4, 2011, 7:22:25 PM9/4/11
Hi Rob and all,

Some more info on this.

The problem appears to occur if a client issues a ListDomainsRequest with
MaxNumberOfDomains set, and MaxNumberOfDomains is less than the actual
number of domains. For example, if there are 4 domains in M/DB, and you do
a ListDomains with MNOD=3, then the request times out; if you do MNOD=4, it
works fine.

I can reproduce this using a console application written directly against
the .NET AWS SDK, i.e. the issue is not specific to SimpleDB Management
Tools. From the trace, it looks like M/DB isn't sending a response (e.g. it
doesn't print a BoxUsage line), so I think the problem is in M/DB rather
than in the AWS SDK.

The reason this affects SimpleDB Management Tools is that we send a
ListDomainsRequest with MNOD=1 as part of connectivity checking. So it
falls foul of this if there is more than one domain. I can provide Thomas
with a workaround by bumping up the MNOD on our connectivity check, but I'd
prefer not to have to do this as it's wasteful for other users who are
talking to a 'real' SimpleDB endpoint.

Hope this helps -- let me know if you need any more info.


Ivan Towlson

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