MCX 0.2 final is released

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Dec 20, 2009, 10:57:04 AM12/20/09
to mcx-news
Dear MCX users:

I am glad to announce that the final version of MCX 0.2 is now
available for download.

Since the beta release in late Oct., there have been a number of major
changes committed to the code, including

1. Windows platform is supported
2. a GUI tool, MCX Studio, is added and debugged for Linux, Windows
and Mac OS X
3. a "bubble" method is debugged to further reduce the race-conditions
due to non-atomic write
4. more detailed documentation is added

there are numerous fixes to make MCX more intuitive to use. The
detailed ChangeLog can be found at

more documents can be found at

if you have already registered, you can go directly to the following
page to download the software:

Currently, I have only built binaries for 64bit Linux and Windows, if
someone has access to 32bit Linux/Mac OS (intel or ppc) with CUDA
installed, I would be glad if you can help me compile the source code
and send me the binaries. To do so, you need to first download the mcx
source package, extract the tarball, navigate into the src/ folder,
and type the following command

make clean; make; rm *.o; make logatomic

two executables can be found under the bin/ folder.

As mentioned before, this list is for announcement only. If you want
to open new discussions, please subscribe to the mcx-users mailing

thank you and have a great holiday.


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