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Leonard J. McCown

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Hi Leonard,


I'm on a desperate search to find my 4th great grandfather and have been searching everywhere (before emigrating from either Ireland or Scotland to South Carolina in 1796-98, he's a ghost and I can't find his parents). I have an account on but that's no help with this so I'm wondering if you have any info? Here's how my bloodline goes (all last names are McCown):


Me > Thomas M. (1950-) > John R. (1922-1997) > Rev. Ross S. (1880-1954) > Samuel S. (1837-1896) > Joseph I. (1810-1896) > Joseph McCown/McKown (1770-1834) 


Let me know if any of this rings a bell!







Aug 29, 2013, 10:22:38 PM8/29/13
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James W McCown

Sep 17, 2015, 10:40:56 AM9/17/15
to McCown Family History,
I don't Know if you have seen this or not ? , so I am sending it in case youn have not
James W. McCown 

"Joseph McCown came from Scotland and his father was a fleet owner-(His ships were confiscated during the revolutionary war by the U.S.. Joseph McCown had 2 brothers- one brother went to Ky (? handwriting) and the other went to Atlanta- (Wil? McCown was a son of the one who went to Atlanta, Ga)."

Joseph Irwin McCown SR

Found on the internet on Familytreemaker for Amelia Strong:

Notes for Joseph I. McCown, Sr.:
From correspondence with distant family members, we have learned that Joseph I. McCown was born in Scotland and raised in County Down, Ireland. He emigrated to America around 1796, applying for his naturalization status in Newberry County, South Carolina in 1798. He and his wife lived in Due West, South Carolina, where he was an elder of the Due West Associate Reformed Prebyterian Church. The name McCown is spelled several different ways in writings, McCown, McKeown and McKown, but on their tombstones, at the Due West Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, it is spelled 'McCown.'
Joseph I. McCown is mentioned frequently in "A Place Called Due West," by Dr. Lowry Ware, a South Carolina historian. We find that his life is intertwined with the life of Rev. Peter McMullen, another ancestor, and several cousins of John Lindsay, who emigrated from Abbeville County, South Carolina to Lincoln County, Tennessee several years before Joseph McCown's death. Joseph I. McCown also helped secure E. E. Pressly, the brother of Martha Pressly Lindsay, as the first pastor of the church in Due West after the departure of the Rev. Peter McMullen. The following are excerpts from the book:
From pages 23-24:
"Three other elders represented Due West Corner at presbytery meeting during McMullen's pastorate: Alexander Hamilton, Joseph McKeown, and Aaron McWhorter . . . . McKeown was a nephew of John Pinkerton and followed his uncle from Ireland to Due West. In a 1882 letter to W. L. Pressly, Agnew called him 'a staunch and true man, a faithful and firm Seceder in a time that tried mens souls.' "
From page 28:
"Ironically, one of the elders who had brought the charges against McMullen, Aaron McWhorter, in a few years also moved to join his descendants in Lincoln County, Tenn. Perhaps the next most important elder during the years after McMullen's departure was Joseph McKeown, and Agnew wrote W. L. Pressly in 1882 that his father (E. E. Pressly) 'lamented particularly' that he had not mentioned that in his 1859 sketch." [This sketch was printed in "The Presbyterian Historical Almanac, and Annual Remembrance of the Church, for 1858 -- 1859," by Joseph M. Wilson (Philadelphia, Joseph M. Wilson, 1859), which is in the collection of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Department of History (Montreat) (Call No.: BX/8950/P83).]
From page 30:
"[After the departure of Peter McMullen] Some of the members moved to other denominations, others died, and in 1814, nearly half the congregation of Due West Corner joined the Rev. Alexander Porter in his removal to Ohio. Those that were left were led by John Murphy, Robert Wallace, John Lindsay and Joseph I. McKeown."
From page 34:
"Of the elders when Pressly [Dr. E. E. Pressly] came to the church in 1830, Robert Wallace, Senr. died within two or three years followed by Joseph McKeown in 1834."
From page 37:
"On February 18, 1834, twenty-six members of the local congregation and its minister organized 'The Educational Society of Due West Corner' whose purpose was 'to aid the indigent young men in their progress toward the gospel ministry.' Its subscription list included . . . Joseph and Joseph I. Mc Keown."      
More About Joseph I. McCown, Sr.:Burial: Due West Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Due West, Abbeville Coonty, South Carolina535
Religion: Associate Reformed Presbyterian536
More About Katherine Unknown:Burial: Due West Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Due West, Abbeville County, South Carolina537
Religion: Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Children of Joseph McCown and Katherine Unknown are:

 44 i. Joseph I. McCown, Jr., born in Abbeville County, South Carolina; died 1896 in Lincoln County, Tennessee; married (1) Mary Bryson; married (2) L. E. Caughran.  ii.  Robert McCown  iii.  Mary McCown  iv.  Sarah McCown      v. Margaret McCown ; married Hezekiah Bowie. moved to MS. Died in AR.

E.E. Pressley referred to in the beginning paragraph became the first President of what is now Erskine College in Due West SC.  The Seceders referred to on pages 23-24 is not about the South seceding from the Union in the Civil War. The Seceders were Presbyterians who seceded from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland in the 1700s. Page 30 refers to part of the congregation moving to TN and OH.  Other writings concerning their move state they left SC because of slavery.  The Joseph I McCown referred to as moving to TN is Joseph McCown JR not SR. 


Leonard McCown

Sep 17, 2015, 11:17:38 AM9/17/15

Hi Alexandra,


I am sorry that I cannot help you. I checked my “Virginia” database for your Joseph and also the second database I have for Pennsylvania McCowns, and no luck.


Have you tried DNA testing yet? It is a long shot. There is a McCown group with Family Tree DNA in Houston. It was started about 2001 and has a large number of various spellings. In the beginning when I started it, I was interested only in connecting the Virginia and Pennsylvania McCowns, but that was accomplished, and now we have many other lines. There are McCown, McCowan, McCowen, McCune, McKown, that I recall. If you have a direct male (father, brother, uncle) it would be good to capture his DNA for the Y-DNA test. For the ladies, Family Finder is good.


I am sorry that I can’t help, but maybe someone else on this list (it is a quiet group) will know something to recommend. Thank you for writing. I appreciate the history on Joseph too. There were other McCowns in South Carolina.







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