Re: [Midnight Commander] #1769: ncurses screen library: no ctrl/shift-key recognized

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Aug 15, 2023, 5:27:41 AM8/15/23
#1769: ncurses screen library: no ctrl/shift-key recognized
Reporter: gotar | Owner:
Type: defect | Status: new
Priority: minor | Milestone: Future Releases
Component: mc-tty | Version: 4.7.0-pre4
Resolution: | Keywords:
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Branch state: no branch | Votes for changeset:
Changes (by ossi):

* cc: dickey (added)


> what's the point of using/having this screen library at all? Why/when
slang is [] superior?

that's actually a good question.
ncurses is theoretically a cleaner solution, because it doesn't come
bundled with a scripting language interpreter.
but issues like this (and #2837), #4096, and #4144 call this into
so given that clearly nobody is fixing this, it may be more pragmatic to
simply commit to slang after all, and actually leverage that interpreter

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