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Mark Butler

May 12, 2015, 1:12:22 PM5/12/15

I want to cross compile a Scala jar using the Scala Maven plugin. I am following the instructions here:

However it does not make the artifact id correctly - if I take this approach:


Then if scalaVersion is defined in pom.xml - for example if I give it an initial value then override it with the profile - it takes the initial value, not the version supplied at the command line via:

     mvn -DscalaVersion=2.11

My initial value was 2.10 so I keep getting error messages like this when I try to use the jar:

   > inconsistent module metadata found. 
   Descriptor: myorg:myjar_2.10:0.1-SNAPSHOT 
   Errors: bad module name: expected='myjar_2.11' found='myjar_2.10'

If I don't give it an initial value then this happens:

   > inconsistent module metadata found. 
   Descriptor: myorg:myjar_${scalaVersion}:0.1-SNAPSHOT 
   Errors: bad module name: expected='myjar_2.11' found='myjar_${scalaVersion}'

Maybe something changed in Maven since David wrote his FAQ?

Does anybody know any way around this? I tried searching Github but I couldn't find any example of using Maven to cross compile for Scala.



David Bernard

May 13, 2015, 3:46:46 AM5/13/15
to Maven and Scala

Can you share a sample project on github/bitbucket, then we can iterate on an uptodate solution ?
Which version of maven do you use ?


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