Global Climate change and pollution

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Peter Menningen

Oct 18, 2019, 2:05:23 PM10/18/19
Aloha members  linked below is a short video to get you thinking.
I am not anti-environmentalist  but rather I am pro  reasonable policies that protect our planet.  After all I grew up in an age where as a kid I needed to vacuum 1/8" of airborne silt from the bottom of our backyard pool every summer day. You could tell where in Chicago you were by the smell in the air. Lake Michigan had floating tar slicks and the beaches were unusable. Fish die offs to the point that Caterpillar D9s were brought in to bury the fish. I've been gardening most of my adult life and composting all of my gardening time. Mostly Organic in spirit.  I've personally planted over 1000 trees and let another 1000 work from reseeding efforts. I let 4 acres of marginal farm land  go to wildlife habitat on my 10 acre farm. Planted tree lines to break the west winter winds. Left certain weeds grow (Milkweed) so that the monarchs had the necessary plants for their life cycle. Allowed swallows to nest over lighting fixtures. 
The Great Lakes have returned to former glory, the air is clean, communities are trying to protect their ground water replenishment areas, all because of laws placed on the books by responsible lawmakers. 
What we need to export to the world is our  environmental standards and maybe even tie how its made to the import tariff for the product. Dirty power plants, waste into the oceans, unsafe factories, forced labor == high tariffs for the products even if made by US companies. We need to work on bringing the third world up to our standards and methods rather then giving them a pass.

Peter Menningen
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