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Camry Gach

Dec 27, 2019, 3:10:56 PM12/27/19
to MauiMakers

Hi, my name is Camry Gach, I am a sophomore at Seabury Hall, and I am wondering if I could possibly use your 3D printer to make a clamping device for my project out of plastic from a sketch up design that I have on my computer. The clamp that I want to print is about 2 1/8" by 2 1/4". I am not a member, so I am wondering if I could still use your equipment and how much this would cost. 

Thank you,
Camry Gach

Peter Menningen

Dec 27, 2019, 3:20:06 PM12/27/19
to MauiMakers
Camry dropped by the space last Sunday 12-29-2019  and we were able to get her part printed, We (Camry and I) needed to bring her design into Fusion to be able to do it  (She did not have the proper plug in on her apple device to be able to export it to the proper format for the Makerbot. )  I was able to finally pass the part to her father the next day.
Just so you know  she went to Nationals last year (as a freshman) with V1 of this project.  I hope our help makes that possible again this year 

Good Luck Camry

Jerry Isdale

Dec 27, 2019, 5:55:37 PM12/27/19
to MauiMakers
Thats awesome story!  hope ya got some pics… and we can support her and others more in new year!

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Buck Joiner

Dec 27, 2019, 7:25:15 PM12/27/19
FANTASTIC, mahalo nui loa Pete.

Peter Menningen

Dec 28, 2019, 12:50:21 PM12/28/19
to MauiMakers
Further Backstory I came in for a Board meeting that was not on that day (I'm still sick with a strong bug) Because space was cool (temp) I stayed longer than I had planned and talked with Buck.

I'm still in the space when Camry and her father come in (3:30) just to ask. I discuss the project and it seems that Buck (3D expert) just lets it go with me. My soft spot for students and especially Girls in tech and science makes me go the extra mile to see if I can help. Her problem is that she had a print at the school Seabury done by teacher that she had left there and needed it to work on the project during the Christmas/New Years Break. She had the files {Sketchup} on her apple device so all was not lost.
We (Camry and I) first tried to import it to Makerbot desktop (plugins missing), Then tried to bring into Fusion 360 (unsupported format). Now it's coming on to 4:15 and nothing done yet. We decide that the best plan going forward is to recreate the design in Fusion 360 and print it from there. That was another 20 Min.
We startup the Makerbot and bring the file over and start it printing (3-1/2 hr print job) It's now 4:45 and it is printing. looks good and we arrange that they can either pickup later in evening (Ken G is in shop working late and he will call if finished). I stay and watch print for a while and it seems to be OK (but possibly lifting tape in a corner) {Now 5:45-6:00 pm} and I ask ken to keep an eye on it and let me know if anything goes bad. I head off for home with a stop at Panda to bring home some dinner for My sick Marg and me. I get food and when I'm about to leave the parking lot for home Ken gives me a call and tells me the print has failed and he canceled it. I make the decision to go back and restart it finding a fix for the problem. (it seems that the tape 1-1/2" wide lifted under the stress of the plastic.) I went to my private supply and found my scotch 3M 4" wide tape and changed the tape out and restarted the job. Watched the job for a while (Ken was still there and had planned on coming in first thing in the morning) I asked him to look at in the morning and let me know either way so I could inform Camry. Finally left for home and dinner around 7:15 PM

Print was good and Camry's father picked up later that day and gave donation.

Jerry this is why Makers needs to have its experts spend actual time in the space whenever they can. Asking for more projects to help with and no volunteers to help is very counterproductive.
I asked him to have Camry send us updates and photos of the entire project. The part was a mirror mount for a solar concentrator project.
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