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Davide Cervone

Dec 2, 2021, 12:35:36 PM12/2/21
Your output doesn't seem to be using the MathJax fonts, so there may be some configuration issues or other reasons that your output is as it is.

Also, you don't give the code used for the expression, so I can't test it out myself.  Using

x^2 + 5x + \frac{25}{4} = 84 + \frac{25}{4}

this is what I get

which seems perfectly reasonable to me.  (I'm assuming you are using LaTeX input, but can't be sure, since you don't say.)

If you use \dfrac rather than \frac, you will get larger fractions with more space, but that would not be appropriate for in-line use.

You are correct that some math can be set at 50%.  This is in script-script style, which is not what these fractions normally would use (which is why it is important to include the actual code you were trying to typeset).  The factor that is used to decrease the sizes from text to script to script-script is a parameter to the underlying MathML elements.  That can be adjusted if that is really what you need to do, but I think there is something wrong with your setup or the specification of the math itself that is the real issue, here.


On Nov 19, 2021, at 4:32 AM, MarcS <> wrote:

im trying to increase the size of fractions, because they are too small ( some fractions use font-size 50%).
I've tried to use command  minScaleAdjust on version 3,  but seems not working.
If I use Scale command the rest of formulas get too big.
Is there any way to icrease the % of font size from fractions?
Thanks !
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