mtextInheritFont causes text subscript spacing issue

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David Farmer

Oct 18, 2021, 4:34:36 PM10/18/21

This page has "mtextInheritFont: false", and things look fine:

This one has "true" and is identical otherwise. There is extra space
after the \text{...} which occur in a subscript.

For \text{...} outside a subscript, it looks the okay but the font sizes
are different.

If I eliminate the inline style:

mjx-utext {
display: inline-block;

then the spacing is okay.

Is it reasonable for me to just add css to set display: inline on those
elements? If I do it only when inside a mjx-msub then it seems unlikely
there will be undesirable side-effects.



Davide Cervone

Oct 21, 2021, 11:19:47 AM10/21/21

Thanks for reporting the issue.  It turns out that this is due to a workaround for a Safari bug.  MathJax needs to add an explicit width to the mjx-utext node in to avoid a rendering error in Safari, but MathJax is neglecting to scale the size properly for subscripts (or other scaled content).

A work-around would be the following configuration:

MathJax = {
  chtml: {
    mtextInheritFont: true
  startup: {
    ready() {
      const {CHTMLTextNode} = MathJax._.output.chtml.Wrappers.TextNode;
      const {CHTMLWrappers} = MathJax._.output.chtml.Wrappers_ts;
      CHTMLWrappers[CHTMLTextNode.kind] = class extends CHTMLTextNode {
        toCHTML(parent) {
          if (this.parent.variant === '-explicitFont') {
            const adaptor = this.adaptor;
            const node = adaptor.lastChild(parent);
            if (!adaptor.getStyle(node, 'width')) return;
            const metrics = this.jax.math.metrics;
            const scale = this.parent.getBBox().scale;
            const width = this.getBBox().w * metrics.em * metrics.scale * scale;
            adaptor.setStyle(node, 'width', Math.round(width) + 'px');

It appears, however, that recent versions of Safari no longer have the bug, so you could use

mjx-utext {
  width: initial ! important;

to have these widths ignored if you don't care about older versions of Safari.  I don't know about the status of this bug in other WebKit-based browsers, but I assume some of them will also have the problem that these widths are supposed to be fixing.


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