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Davide Cervone

Dec 2, 2021, 11:39:19 AM12/2/21
In order to allow you to include a literal $, \(, \), \[ or \] in your text, MathJax processes double backslashes as single backslashes.  So you can use \\( to get a literal \( in your page.  There is a configuration parameter that controls whether that processing is done or not, so you can turn that off if you wish.  See

and look for processEscapes.


On Nov 21, 2021, at 4:46 AM, Ray Papworth <> wrote:

My html page contains maths delimited by backslash and brackets in the usual way which work correctly, but the page also contains ordinary text which can contain backslash characters. A double backslash in the text  then appears on the page as a single backslash. It is not obvious to me why MathJax needs to change text outside of math delimiters. Is this an essential feature? If it is I can work around it but I am just wondering if it could be changed.


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