Adoption of Mason, and status of Draft v2?

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Curtis Farnham

May 29, 2015, 5:37:33 PM5/29/15
I'm shopping for a hypermedia format for a ground-up API rewrite which my employer has tasked me with.  It is bewildering to see the vast number of hypermedia formats out there (Hal, Collection+Json, Siren, Json-LD/Hydra, JsonApi etc.)

I'm attracted to Mason due to its robustness e.g. incorporation of JSON-Schema, link templating, and error handling, yet without imposing a rigid verbose data structure such as with CJ and Siren.  All the other formats look good on the surface, but once I get into the weeds I realize every one of them leaves out something huge (particularly error formatting and advanced data structures for form submissions.)  I also really like how Mason Draft 2 merges links, templates, and actions into one @controls object.  It is conceptually much simpler and leads to a cleaner data structure.

I'm just wondering - what's the status of Draft 2?  I'm not seeing a lot of action over the last few months. Does that mean it's stalled?  Or perhaps that it's "good" and everyone is starting to implement with it?  Also, what's the overall status of Mason? Any bigger names using it yet?


Jørn Wildt

May 30, 2015, 5:31:12 PM5/30/15
Hi Curtis

The Draft 2 is stable as it is now - I just haven't got around announcing it as it requires me to update both the API-explorer, the online bug tracker example, the web-pages, my blog and so on which I haven't had time for yet (I've been busy building RC airplanes which is another hobby of mine:

I haven't heard of any bigger names using Mason so far. I have had a few inquiries about using Mason - but nothing to show off.

The overall status of Mason is that it is stable (Draft 2), well designed from my perspective :-) but a small "player" in the hypermedia world. The last thing means that no-one has yet build a nice non-Windows API-explorer for Mason, there are no client libraries in any language, no validators to rely on and so on. But at least there is the .NET explorer and online reference implementation of a bug tracker (Draft 1) to use as an example. The bug tracker code on GitHub *is* updated to Draft 2 and functional - but not deployed online yet.

If you decide to use Mason then please share your experience :-)

Have fun, Jørn

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Curtis Farnham

Jun 1, 2015, 9:55:51 AM6/1/15
Thanks Jørn.  Nice work on the RC airplane!  Even though I’m a software dev, my undergraduate degree was in Aerospace Engineering.  So I come with a built-in fascination for all things that have either wings or a rocket engine. Ha ha.

I understand regarding Mason being a small player.  No problem though. At this point we are still planning to use Draft 2.  I’ll be happy to share our experience once we get a little further down the road.


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