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Aug 3, 2007, 11:23:56 PM8/3/07
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Dear Kaippally, et al,

I wish to make a few points on this. Just like in the real world, privacy is your right in the cyber world. Every individual has every right to remain ‘invisible’ from every tom, dick and harries. Anonymity of a person online does not hinder them from seeking the help of law enforcement should their online identity be threatened or defamed. Please be aware that there are online organizations like wiredsafety (www.wiredsafety.com) where the ‘invisible’ can seek help from. In fact, they do make a far better option sometimes, as the online organizations will shield their privacy, even when you go with law enforcement agencies across the world. They do help ‘invisibles’ to make legal cases, and get information from the various agencies.

The invisibles can still remain ‘invisible’ from the cyberworld and they will only need to reveal themselves to the local authorities. People feel a false sense of safety, while sitting in the comfort of their own place. Plaintiff can of course be anonymous from the cyberworld, but not from the law enforcement agencies. The plaintiff just has to prove their access to the virtual identity. Cyber world is also governed under the law and order of the respective country and Interpol helps the interlinking wherever deemed right. Most of the worlds intelligence agencies has a specialized cell that deals with the saints and satans of the digital world.

However, I suspect the intentions of the post, as it is from kaippally, whom I consider as knowledgeable enough on the subject. Dear friend, why pick Inji? Why not someone else? Just because the screen name has been active pretty well? Or, did the name irritate you? Or is it because she writes well? ;-) The way things are running in Malayalam blog world, I think this article was not as straightforward as the nerd says it is.

All I have to say is that its not what you see, its what you believe.

Au revoir

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