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Emad Eid

Jan 11, 2014, 5:42:52 AM1/11/14
to maqett...@googlegroups.com

On http://app.maqetta.org/  There are more widgets available in the widget pallete like the GirdLayout container and the Carousel picker.
Those widgets are not showing local build widget palette (I used these instructions Maqetta with Orion Developer Setup).

How do I make those extra widgets appear in my local build widget palette?

Thank you

Jon Ferraiolo

Jan 11, 2014, 2:04:29 PM1/11/14
to maqett...@googlegroups.com
Maqetta's widget palette is controlled by a configuration file (releng/davinci.releng/orion/builder/rootfiles/siteConfig/widgetPalette.json), and that file includes widget GridLayout and Carousel only when the user creates a "mobile application" and does not those widgets if the user creates a "desktop application". This is because those two widgets are for mobile UIs, not for desktop UIs. Therefore, I suspect that your local build will show those two widgets if you create a mobile application there.

Note that there is a drop down menu at the top/right of the widget palette which allows a user to tell the widget palette whether to show "Recommended widgets" or "All widgets". If you choose All widgets, then the widget palette will include all possible widgets no matter whether you create a mobile appilcation, a desktop application or a sketch.

Jon Ferraiolo

Liza Jenifer

Jul 6, 2014, 11:26:12 AM7/6/14
to maqett...@googlegroups.com
Gridlayout and Carousel just when the client makes a "versatile application" and does not those gadgets if the client makes a "desktop application". This is on the grounds that those two gadgets are for portable Uis, not for desktop Uis. In this way, I think that your neighborhood fabricate will demonstrate those two gadgets in the event that you make a portable application there. 

Note that there is a drop down menu at the top/right of the gadget palette which permits a client to advise the gadget palette whether to show "Prescribed gadgets" or "All gadgets"
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