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Aug 16, 2013, 1:37:52 PM8/16/13
Have created tract map on arcview (shapefile) with multiple polygons.  Loaded to mapwel with no problem, loaded to garmin 62s with no problem.  Created transparent grid in properties which eliminated outer shaded area and revealed outer tract boundaries but individual polygons are shaded so that I can't see base topo which is needed.  How do I eliminate shaded areas and just have polygon lines visible and topo visible at the same time.  thanks


May 21, 2015, 7:43:41 AM5/21/15
Polygon are not truly transparent. In order to see the background maps you need to make a user defined style. right click on a user defined style and edit it. In the editing window click the Open icon and navigate to the GLIBRARY folder and chose the "Area" style. Chose a color for the foreground and deselect the Background  checkbox. Now only the dot fill pattern will show and you can see your topos in the transparent background of the individual style.
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