Map Aesthetics and Question

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Blake Jones

Jul 14, 2014, 10:23:47 AM7/14/14

I am working for Fist Electric Cooperative in Arkansas.  I am currently putting the basics of our network onto some Garmin nuvi units and Dezl units. I am adding our lines and giving them user defined symbology, and our electronic devices and poles.  The conductor (lines) has been easy to add as a map and view and everything is fine.  I can skip most of the import steps and it works well.  The poles and our meters are the only things that are POI's. They are searchable and the units route our servicemen and linemen to them correctly. However, I am trying to add our meters, poles, and other electronic devices as view-able map features. The men in the field said they would like to see those on the map.  I have added maps of the meters and poles to the units. I have had some issues.  It seems that either the features themselves, or the name/comment, can cover over themselves sometimes.  For example, in a subdivision where there are many meters present, it will only show a few instead of all of them.  I discovered an older post about changing family and product ID for maps and that has helped, but it still isn't perfect. And i know how to make my maps transparent.  I just want the map view to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Is there a way to add maps of my points (poles, meters, devices) without having to use a name or comment in import? Every time i have tried the points haven't been visible.  If anyone could help me with this or tell me how they have been able to add points without using names or comments I would be very grateful.

Thank you all,

Blake Jones
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