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Julien Sabatier

Sep 27, 2022, 3:55:27 AM9/27/22
to mapstore-users
Hi all,

I just installed the last Mapstore2-georchestra version ( and I have a problem with Identifier tool's configuration.

I want it to use by default the HTML provided by our GeoServer for newly added layers.

Here is our configuration : 

In localConfig.json initialState section : 


and in context's json : 


It doesn't apply on layers added after context opens.

Step to reproduce : 

2. Add a layer via the TOC (for example website:decheteries in the default catalog)
3. Click on a feature
4. It doesn't use the HTML returned by GS

Is it normal ? Is it a bug ?

So I wonder if some configuration changed for this in the new version ?

The problem also affect layers added via URL parameters (GET/POST)

Lorenzo Natali

Oct 11, 2022, 4:37:25 AM10/11/22
to Julien Sabatier,
this works for me, I tested it (with the new addLayers api) with a map where I saved html format for feature info. 

As I said, for contexts this is not supported. The initialState is overridden by the context one. You may try to edit the JSON of the default map of the context to make it work, but this is not officially supported.

I'm afraid I replied to you personally in error. I'll try to send again this email to the mailing list.

Il giorno lun 10 ott 2022 alle ore 10:59 Julien Sabatier <> ha scritto:
Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for the reply, but as I explained, I configured it in both places that you mention to use TEXT/HTML, 
but when I open the context and manually add a layer, or use parameters in URL to add one (via action or map), they're not use html/text format, but the raw text instead.

So I think it's a bug as the configured default option is not applied.

Should I create an issue for this ?

Le jeu. 29 sept. 2022 à 10:45, Lorenzo Natali <> a écrit :
This parameter is actually configurable in `initialState` or in map configuration (when you save a map), but not yet in the plugin configuration (There is an issue about it).

In particular the `mapInfoConfiguration` is a configuration attribute that is saved in the map, anyway there is no way to change this parameter in the context wizard.

The only way to workaround this limitation it I can suggest is to create a new map with the given context and configure the format in map settings, then save the map. 
This new map will use the context and the info format configured.
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