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Louise Kavanagh

Mar 30, 2022, 5:49:44 AMMar 30
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I have added a push button to the ribbon but initially I would like it disabled does anyone know how this can be done?  Here is the code I have for adding the button:


Dim ClearFilterControlID As Integer

  nCtrlIdx = RBNGroupAddButton ("Clear", "Clear WF Filter", "", sTabName, sGroupName)

      If nCtrlIdx > 0 Then


      Call RBNControlSetToolTipIdx(nCtrlIdx, "Windfarms",   "Clear WF Filter", "")

         'Set the button icon

         Call RBNControlSetIconsIdx(nCtrlIdx, CONTROL_SIZE_Large, "", user_programs_path + "Images\Bitmap50b.bmp")

         'Set Custom MapBasic Handle to the button

         Call RBNControlSetCustomMBXHandlerIdx(nCtrlIdx, "Clear_WF_filter")


         'Getting its Control ID for later use

         If ClearFilterControlID = 0 Then

            ClearFilterControlID = RBNControlGetControlIDIdx(nCtrlIdx)

         End If

      End if


I would also like to know how to enable it within the code once a different button has been used.


Any ideas much appreciated.


Thanks and best wishes,



Louise Kavanagh

Managing Director



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Peter Horsbøll Møller

Mar 30, 2022, 6:02:56 AMMar 30
to mapi...@googlegroups.com

Hi Louise,


I can see you are using the RibbonLib.


You can use the procedure RBNGroupEnableControls() to do this:

Sub RBNGroupEnableControls(  ByVal sTabName As String       'If "", the TAB is ignored in the search

                           , ByVal sGroupName As String     'If "", the GROUP is ignored in the search

                           , ByVal sControlName As String

                           , ByVal bEnabled As Logical)


You can be very specific and only disable it on a specific ab/group or let the RibbonLib search through all your tabs by entered an empty string for your tab and group name.

Note that only the controls added by this application will get enabled as it’s using an internal array of controls to search through


Here’s how the procedure can be used, if you have it on multiple tabs/multiple groups:

     Call RBNGroupEnableControls("", "", "cmdDDAnalyzerO2D", FALSE)


The last parameter tells the procedure to enable (TRUE) or disable (FALSE) the control

The parameter sControlName is the internal name of the control, not the caption.


Peter Horsbøll Møller

www.precisely.com | Knowledge Communities | #MapInfoMonday


Peter Horsbøll Møller
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Louise Kavanagh

Mar 30, 2022, 6:54:55 AMMar 30
to mapi...@googlegroups.com

Thanks Peter – I’ll give it a go.


Best wishes,

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