Editing WOR file in notepad

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Mar 19, 2024, 1:26:10 AMMar 19
to MapInfo-L
Hi all,
I've seen posts along these lines before, but nothing is working for me. I've recently had to relocate my data files onto a new drive (was W now D). I would have thought that simply editing the workspace file in notepad and changing the relevant drive addresses for the tables and all related bits n pieces would be all I need to do to reconcile the workspace and open in MI. However, it's still asking me to locate the tables.

Any clues?


Peter Horsbøll Møller

Mar 19, 2024, 2:05:20 AMMar 19
to mapi...@googlegroups.com



That would be the typical way to make these adjustment, yes.


Is the file structure identical on the new drive or have the files been put into a sub folder?


One thing to try out, is to add a Print statement with the path of the table before the Open Table statement.


Print "C:\MapInfo\Pro\v23.0\TileServer\PreciselyBronze.TAB"

Open Table "C:\MapInfo\Pro\v23.0\TileServer\PreciselyBronze.TAB" As PreciselyBronze Interactive

Print "Protected Air Navigation"

Open Table "Protected Air Navigation" As Protected_Air_Navigation Interactive


This shows what Pro is looking for, and also ensures that you are in fact opening the workspace you have edited.

Personally, I have edited a workspace and didn’t see the change – it took a while to see that I wasn’t opening the same workspace that I was editing.





Peter Horsbøll Møller
Principal Sales Engineer - Distinguished Engineer


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Heiko Schmüser

Mar 19, 2024, 1:30:34 PMMar 19
to mapi...@googlegroups.com
Hi Craig,

Perhaps some of the tab-files itself links to an associated xml-file where you have to change also the path.

Normally then the wor will work

Best whishes

19.03.2024 06:26:14 craigw <craigw...@ozemail.com.au>:

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Ross Nixon

Mar 19, 2024, 7:30:39 PMMar 19
to MapInfo-L
Hi Craig

One more possibility, but only if someone (like me) does this.
I have large orthophotos and their tab files on one drive. Sometimes I open them into MIPro and save as a new tab file on a different drive.
Essentially it becomes a shortcut with a hard-coded path inside it. In fact I add "shortcut" to the filename.
This is so I can see at a glance - in File Explorer - what extra images may have been used for a particular mapping job.

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