CMY color in USGS polygons

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Dec 30, 2023, 1:30:27 AM12/30/23
to MapInfo-L
Is there a way to utilize CMY colors found in some USGS Geologic map products (only available as .shp) when converted to .tab?

The .shp file has Color_cmy field for each polygon.  Is there a way to Thematically map these colors to match ( or closely) match original USGS colors?  Alternatively is there a way to modify the region style to match these original colors?


Uffe Kousgaard

Dec 30, 2023, 2:42:49 AM12/30/23

Code for this task, could look like the one below. It assumes 3 seperate fields, with c, m and y values.
In the range 0-255. Adapt for your specific file format. Untested !!

Uffe Kousgaard

include "mapbasic.def"

dim obj as object
dim row as integer
Dim b_fillstyle As Brush

fetch first from mytable
row = 1
while not eot(mytable)
  obj = mytable.object
  b_fillstyle = makebrush(2,rgb(255-mytable.c, 255-mytable.m, 255-mytable.y),0)
  alter object obj Info OBJ_INFO_BRUSH, b_fillstyle

  update mytable
  set object = obj
  where rowid = row

  fetch next from mytable
  row = row+1
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Dec 31, 2023, 6:48:42 PM12/31/23
to MapInfo-L
Thank you Uffe,
I'm unfamiliar with coding.  I'll look into using Mapbasic.
Cheers, Ike
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