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Ninja R

Jul 14, 2011, 1:50:59 PM7/14/11
to MapInfo-L
This problem is fairly difficult to describe, but I'll do the best I

I have a .tab which consists of many labels. I'm unable to edit some
labels within this file, and I'm able to edit others. Here's what I'm
doing for both types of labels:

1. For labels I can edit, I ensure I'm editing the correct .tab file,
double click the label using the pointer, and edit the text.

2. For labels I cannot edit, I can't select the label using the
pointer tool. I can select the label using the rectangular selection,
and MapInfo indicates I'm selecting the right layer by showing
"Selecting: labels.tab". However, I can't edit it at all. I can't
delete it, can't cut it (control + X), can't change its text, can't
rotate or click on its boundary vertices -- nothing.

Any ideas about this? Hopefully, I've explained the problem well
enough, but feel free to ask more questions and I'll describe them as
well as I can.

SMITH,Stephen (ACT)

Jul 14, 2011, 6:58:34 PM7/14/11
to mapi...@googlegroups.com
By labels I assume you mean the contents of the browser which are being used to label map objects. Launch a new instance of MapInfo and open this one layer and try again. By reopening the table we can make sure you are editing what you think you are editing. Open the tab file in a text editor and send the contents to the group. If you are editing a result table this would explain why some fields are editable and other fields from table 2 in the join list are not. If you can edit the table in the 2nd MapInfo session then the problem is with the 1st session and the way the data has been opened.

Steve Smith
Regional Performance Monitoring and Geospatial Data
Evidence and Outcomes Branch / Economics Advisor Branch
Workplace Relations and Economic Strategy Group
Dept of Education Employment and Workplace Relations
email:- Stephen...@DEEWR.gov.au
Wk:- (02) 6240-9048
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