Finally! Arc .LYR to MI .Tab Symbology conversion.

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Jun 8, 2010, 11:48:59 PM6/8/10
to MapInfo-L
I know there's a few people out there wanting this. I have for ages.
VB code didn't work for writing an AVL in Arc. Not incredibly simple,
but it's possible with yet another program as well as access to Arcmap
and Discover. I've only tested it on lines and Solid fill colors so
far, seems to work perfectly.
cheaper to buy in Euro's

Allows a convoluted process:

Arc -> Arcpad (requires arcmap) -> MI2AP -> Mapinfo (incorrectly
reprojected) -> Colourmap
Arc -> Universal Translator -> MapInfo -> colour using colourmap

The bridge is the ArcPad format which keeps symbology in a less
cryptic way than .lyr, more like an AVL.
Export from Arc as ArcPad, then use the App which does the symbology
conversion to MapInfo (unfortunately incorrectly reprojecting the
data) Create a colormap in discover from the converted map.
Use universal translator to import the .shp file in the correct
position, then, use your colormap to recolor the data.
Should work with regions, patterns, line styles and point styles.
Avantra have done a lot of work to match the symbology across the

If anyone knows an easier way, please post it. Maybe someone out there
can pull apart the Arcpad format using an MBX instead.


John Elliot

Jun 9, 2010, 12:45:15 AM6/9/10
The problem of MI2AP ver 2.5 producing an incorrect projection when
converting from shp to tab has been around for some time but as far as I am
aware it was not a problem with the earlier version 2.13. I made Avantra
aware of this problem in Sept 2009 but no solution has been forthcoming and
I have heard nothing further.

John Elliot
Anzeco Pty. Limited
mineral exploration consulting services
Bathurst, NSW 2795, AUSTRALIA

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Lawley, Russell S

Jun 9, 2010, 8:32:50 AM6/9/10
Just an addendum to this

There is a script already in existence for LYR to AVL but it has limited function (partly because of limitations between ArcGIS and ArcView) the link is here>

and from the AVL you can use the tool on the directionsmag site to get from avl to a coloured-up Tab..

I am aware that there are some 'buggy' versions of the avlreader tool going around, partly as a result of esri changing a file format and partly my inexpert coding.... ;-)) , so if anyone wants to confirm problems with the avlreader tool, let me know and i'll send out a patched version and the code.

One word of caution, esri -> mapinfo colouring and styling is fraught with issues, colour matches, patterns, lines styles and fonts are all an utter nightmare, so the general rule should be avoid pattersn, avoid linestyles and keep it simple



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