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Feb 1, 2023, 5:13:33 AMFeb 1
to MapInfo-L
I have defined style for MI objects that I insert/edit using MB tool. 
Something like:
Define MMES_SYM (35,16711680,10,"MapInfo Symbols",0,0)

Now, I need to create string that will store this definition.
However it complains about '(' character. 

I tried both with str$(MMES_SYM)and adding quotes at beginning and end, with no luck. Is it possible to this kind of conversion

Peter Horsbøll Møller

Feb 1, 2023, 6:56:08 AMFeb 1



You should be able to convert a string to a Symbol variable.

But the string needs to look like this:


Dim symNew As Symbol
Dim sSym As String
= CurrentSymbol()
= sSym


Alternatively, you can use a function that takes your string and then converts that into a symbol.

In the STYLELib that is part of my MapBasicLib, there are functions that helps you cast from styles to string and from strings to styles.


They take a comma separated string with elements and create new styles from these.


Here’s one example:

Function STLText2Symbol(ByVal sSymbol As String) As Symbol


Dim   arrItems() As String,

      nNumItems As Integer


OnError GoTo ErrorOccured


STLText2Symbol = CurrentSymbol()


      nNumItems = STRINGSplit(sSymbol, ",", arrItems)


      If nNumItems = 3 Then

            'MapInfo 3.0 symbol set

            STLText2Symbol = MakeSymbol(Val(arrItems(1)), Val(arrItems(2)), Val(arrItems(3)))


      ElseIf nNumItems > 3 Then

            Do Case arrItems(1)

                  Case "1"

                        'MapInfo 3.0 symbol set

                        STLText2Symbol = MakeSymbol(Val(arrItems(2)), Val(arrItems(3)), Val(arrItems(4)))


                  Case "2"

                        'TrueType font as the symbol

                        STLText2Symbol = MakeFontSymbol(Val(arrItems(2)), Val(arrItems(3)), Val(arrItems(4)), arrItems(5), Val(arrItems(6)), Val(arrItems(7)))


                  Case "3"

                        'Symbol value based on a bitmap file

                        STLText2Symbol = MakeCustomSymbol(arrItems(2), Val(arrItems(3)), Val(arrItems(4)), Val(arrItems(5)))

            End Case

      End If


      Exit Function



      Call ERRCreate(Err(), Error$(), "STLText2Symbol: " & sSymbol)

      Call ERRShow()

      STLText2Symbol = CurrentSymbol()


End Function


Find the MapBasicLib on Github.




Peter Horsbøll Møller
Principal Sales Engineer - Distinguished Engineer


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