Creating a new column to multiple tables and updating them

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Esa Tuominen

Feb 17, 2022, 3:55:10 AMFeb 17
to MapInfo-L

I have a task where I have 200+ tables in mapinfo, each with bunch of rows and polygons. Most of these tables lack the column for area and I need them to have that information in them. So, I know I need to add a column to the tables and update it with area, so far so good. Doing that 200+ times just doesn't seem reasonable and there must be a better way.

I saw somewhere that you can create a .WOR-file and write mapbasic commands into that and create a kind of a macro that should be able to that. It seems like it wouldn't even be a very complicated task but I have so little coding experience and none of it with mapbasic that I need help with this.

For backround, some of the tables already have the area data, but nothing should break if they get it in a second column as well. The work space also has some backround data open, that is rasters and lines. They of course don't need updating. Should they be closed first?

-Esa Tuominen


Feb 24, 2022, 8:09:15 AMFeb 24
to MapInfo-L

are these table native tables, or are they linked table from database or any other source? Do they only  contain one type of object (polygon), or multiple? What units you need area to be expressed in?
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