How to specify the Pedigree file for inbred lines with a known crossing scheme?

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Dan Fulop

Mar 13, 2014, 2:01:36 PM3/13/14

I'm working on a plant population composed of BC2S4 and BC3S4 lines, that is that they were back-crossed either twice or thrice to the recurrent parent and then selfed for 4 generations.

I do not have actual pedigrees for these lines (i.e. what families each line belongs to), and in any case each line has been selfed by single seed descent for 4 generations (S4) after the last back-cross; I will omit the S4 below.  Moreover, the lines don't have any sex, since they're hermaphroditic like most angiosperms.

I do, however, know which lines are BC2 and BC3, and my impression was that I could map this population using MAPfastR.

If indeed I can use MAPfastR, I need help specifying the pedigree file as I don't know the lines' familial relationships (i.e. which BC2 lines if any are more related to certain BC3 lines) and the plants have no sex.

Thanks in advance!!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!
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