HELP!! We want to use Porotfino Professionally

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Zale Tabakman

Aug 19, 2021, 11:43:45 AM8/19/21
to manydesigns-portofino
Hi There.

We are attempting to use Portofino as a our Development platform for our DB.
We are running into some basic problems.
1) How do we create/manage Data Entry type Users
2) How do we create/manage Developers type users.
3) We tried to use the TIME datatype and it blew up.

We are version 5.0

Where do we learn how to do all this basic stuff?

We are using Visual Paradigm for our design work - so Portofino is the next step in creating a low code environment.


Joe Kirchner

Sep 17, 2021, 8:07:20 AM9/17/21
to manydesigns-portofino
Hi Zale,

I am rebuilding our application using Portofino 5.3 and am encountering some of the same issues.

Your issues 1 and 2 are solved by fine tuning the permissions of users. In my case, I am in the "admin" group of users. This would be your Developers and gets full permissions to create, edit and delete records and tables. The Data Entry person would be limited to adding, editing and deleting records, but not tables and these permissions would be limited to the specific tables they are working on.

These permissions are set globally by going to Administration / Upstairs / Permissions. They can also be set at a more granular level page by page. It has been a while since I have done this, so I went to test it. Unfortunately, using 5.3.0, in my setup, the permissions page was not working. Is that your experience?

Regarding your issue 3, please see my recent post regarding this issue:

I hope this works out for you.  Let me know if you resolve any of these issues and I will let you know if I find better solutions.



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