Portofino 5.2 released!

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Alessio Stalla

Nov 30, 2020, 12:52:43 PM11/30/20
to manydesign...@googlegroups.com

Hi nice folks,

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the release of Portofino 5.2 today! Since this is an important milestone for the project, let me do a quick recap of previous versions before looking at the changes in this new release.

In Portofino 5.0.x we removed the Stripes MVC framework and reimplemented a usable subset of Portofino 4 with Angular. We also improved Portofino’s REST API, which had been a second-class citizen up to that point, and we introduced the Spring framework for dependency injection. Still, the focus was mainly on rebuilding enough of Portofino 4 with the new REST-based architecture.

In the 5.1.x series, we focused on updating the core of Portofino: database persistence. We replaced the aging Hibernate 4 with Hibernate 5 and completely changed how Hibernate is configured from the Portofino model. We also introduced many fixes and improvements to the user interface, restoring some other features from Portofino 4, but without fundamental changes to the user experience.

Now with version 5.2 we’re reaping the benefits of everything that we’ve done under the hood in previous releases:

  • We know that customizing the UI is harder than it should on Portofino 5, because it’s poorly documented and because Angular has a much steeper learning curve than Stripes and JSP’s. That’s why we’ve made it possible to customize the UI in pure JavaScript, both by adding buttons and methods to existing pages and by writing entirely custom pages in pure JS + HTML. There’s still little documentation about it, but an example of everything can be found in the demo-tt application.

  • We now support the option to enable POJO-based persistence separately for each database connection. Portofino has always used map-based persistence and this is the default in Portofino 5.2 as well; maps are convenient to use in Groovy because of simple syntax and dynamic typing. However, since the IDE has no way of checking them for correctness, typos and type errors may remain undetected until runtime. This happens especially when some data type changes in the model (e.g., from int to long) and suddenly your CRUD pages break – with little information to track the error down. By mapping database tables to POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects), these problems are no longer relevant. Read more on the wiki.

  • We’ve included several other improvements and fixes, please refer to the changelog for a detailed list.

You can download Portofino 5.2 binaries, API documentation, and source packages from SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/portofino/files/manydesigns-portofino.

Library dependencies to build Portofino application are available on Maven Central and npm for the UI. Also, a Docker image for the standalone Upstairs application to manage a Portofino instance is available on Docker Hub.

Note for Maven users who want to create a new application project based on version 5.2.0: please use portofino-war-archetype version 5.2.0-archetype-fix as version 5.2.0 unfortunately has been released with several issues that prevent generated applications from building properly.

Finally, on the GitHub wiki you can find:

Bonus: contextually with the release of Portofino 5.2, I’m also releasing a personal project of mine, portofino-react-admin, so that you can readily use Portofino as the backend of your react-admin application! Check it out, it’s on GitHub!



Ivan Drinks Sr

Mar 27, 2021, 9:15:08 AM3/27/21
to manydesigns-portofino

I just used "mvn install" to build the new demo-tt.war file for version 5.2.1.  I have found that using username admin and password admin does not work.  What should I use instead?  Also, I thought calendar form was great in version 4!  I hope you decide to add them back into version 5.


Alessio Stalla

Mar 28, 2021, 3:25:58 AM3/28/21
to manydesign...@googlegroups.com

the initial admin user on demo-tt is ad...@example.com/admin


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