First report on the Portofino ecosystem

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Alessio Stalla

Aug 16, 2021, 2:01:16 AM8/16/21
Hi folks,

this is the first report on the status of the Portofino ecosystem. As you may know, there's now a growing number of sibling projects with the objective of making it easier to work with Portofino and to add new features.

Here's the list of projects that you may want to know about.

  • portofino-js is a library to invoke Portofino HTTP endpoints from JavaScript applications. It's being actively developed by ManyDesigns. MIT licensed.
  • portofino-react-admin is a library to quickly build a react-admin application backed by Portofino. It's being actively developed by me (GPL license, but you can request a friendlier license for your organization).
  • portofino-cli is a new command-line interface to Portofino applications. It's still in flux and missing features, but you can try it today and help shape its development.
If you have other projects to add to this list, please reply!

Have fun,
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