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Tim Janik

Aug 21, 2008, 7:38:53 PM8/21/08
to Manju Project
Hello All.

Welcome to the Manju project.

This project aims at defining a widget toolkit theme in a
single SVG file.

At this point, the very basic project resources have been
put into place. A source code repository is provided here:

An a communication forum here:

The source code repo currently contains:

README - quick project rundown
template.svg - sets up pixel units and grid, CC license - script for png snapshooting (only buttons atm)
theme-spec.txt - drafted plan for SVG item labels
moon7.svg - test theme

The specification already lists standard widgets like
buttons, check boxes, and also specifies palette coloros
and more.

moon7.svg is a test theme, that I'm extending as
is developed. I hope we'll also get a real theme contributed
soon ;) is the actuall script that extraxts all the pixmaps
and metainfo from an SVG theme and will at some point generate
widget toolkit digestable data.

I've also setup automated HTML spec builds here:

And theme snapshots (at a zoomed 180dpi) here:

All the places are also linked to from the googlegroups page.

Feedback is much appreciated, please send comments and
questions along. I'll try to keep this forum posted as
progress in the source code repository happens.


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