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Geoff Hill

May 24, 2019, 5:36:32 PM5/24/19
to Managing Human Waste in the Wild
Dear Managing Human Waste Google Group

Its been a while since I sent an email out but thought the time was right.  Toilet Tech has been very busy with a number of toilet projects at high use remote sites.  This email serves two purposes: 

1) Highlight a few of these exciting projects
2) Encourage interested parties sign up to our mailing list and be kept abridged of new products, completed projects, and occasional potty humor. 

In reverse order, our mailing list can be found at the bottom of our new homepage, where you put in your current email and hit the "sign up button".  

Quick summary: we have created two distinct types of toilets: A Waste Away type which collects urine diverted solid waste directly into low cost high strength bags (or bins) for easy removal by pack animal, helicopter, human, or mechanized means.  A Decompose type which processes urine diverted solid waste through invertebrate decomposition (AKA bugs eat the crap) through an open bottom vault.  All our buildings are pre-fabricated, assemble in a few hours, are made from recycled plastic wall boards, aluminum frames, and stainless steel toilet parts.  We offer aluminum floors and FRP Decompose vaults to make our remote toilet systems 100% pre-fabricated, all you need to do is dig the hole and install the urine drainfield (usually 10' long).  We can install the rest.  Buildings start around $8k and complete Waste Away or Decompose kits start around $16k for floors, buildings, toilet seats, and below parts.

Outside Magazine Podcast: 

Recent projects

Zion National Park (2018), Angels Landing Trail, 4 seater Waste Away unit at Scout's Lookout.   Toilet is used 1000+ times per day.  Seriously.  Its a zoo up there.  Big high 5 to James Brown and his whole crew.  Big project. 

Mt. Rainier National Park (2016,2017), Camp Muir and Sherman, 7 urine diversion retrofits of the BTW seat into old evaporating toilet buildings.  Urine drainfield.  Used 500+ times per day.  Urine diverted solid waste into existing 200L drums (flown out 1/5 as frequently).  This retrofit eliminated the urine smell that plagued the Camps for decades.  Dr. Rich Lechleitner is the man on this mountain.  

Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain NP (2018), 4 new gabian basket toilets with BTW seats and urine drainfields installed between 10,000 and 12,000 feet at Chasm Junction, Meadow, and Boulderfield.  Urine diverted solid waste goes into small Bag Corp Mini Mule bags which are carried out by llamas (which have a weight limit).  These replaced Joe Arnolds evaporating toilets which were overrun with the hundreds / thousands of people who trek up into this beautiful alpine zone on sunny summer weekends.  Big high ten to Marina Connors and Tara Vessella.

Taylor Meadows, Whistler / Squamish BC (2015-2017) and at least a half dozen other sites in BC Parks (and memories to installer Chris McCrumb, who died in an avalanche this year, and condolences to his family).  

Hotspring Cove, Maquinna BC Parks (2019).  5 BTW seats retrofit into a failing mixed waste composting toilet system that is used hundreds of times per day.  If you are looking for the most phenomenal hot spring experience, trek up to Tofino BC, jump in a boat or a float plane, hike a few kilometers along cedar board walk, to a rocky hot springs that dumps into the inter-tidal zone, big cold ocean waves while hot water dumps on your head.  Amazing. 

Canmore Nordic Center (2016).  2 BTW seats built into a volunteer constructed building next to a tea house a few miles from the parking lot at this Nordic Center.  Toilets are used a few hundred times a day at peak.  Urine has not frozen or backed up the urine drain line due to deep design and occasional hot water flush (when its -20C and lower).

Talus Lodge, Private Ski Lodge in the Selkirks of BC.  2 BTW units retrofit into a ski lodge.  Waste falls into a cribbed bin below for decomposition.   Owner'sThomas Grandi and Sara Renner,both Canadian World Cup / Olympics medalists. 

TTS BTW Seats built into a tiny home.

Toilet Tech's BTW seats selected for 40 toilets sites on hike to Everest Base Camp, Khumbu Valley (2019).  Agencies: City of Golden Public Works, Colorado School of Mines and Hike for Help.

Toilet Tech's oldest BTW installed at Smith Rocks State Park in 2014 revisited after 5 years.  This park / toilet sees hundreds of visitors per day most of the year.  The toilet is a few hundred feet off the parking lot, at the entrance to this exceptional quality state park.  The BTW seat was retrofit into a failing Phoenix composting toilet by the park staff.  However, due to lacking capital funds, they kept one Phoenix toilet adjacent to the BTW retrofit.  This provided an excellent comparison.  

TTS BTW SIDE: zero pounds of waste removed over 5 years, 4x8x2' high crib is now 1/2 full of decomposed & decomposing toilet paper.  

Phoenix Side: the blue box is emptied 4x per year, and 1500-3000 pounds of raw waste and urine soaked woodchips are hauled to hazardous disposal at the dump each time.  An estimated total of close to 30,000 pounds of waste have been disposed (close to 15 tons).  

OK, thats all for now.  
Feel free to reach out with any questions or further information, 

Geoff Hill
Director, Toilet Tech
TTS 4 Stall Toilet at Zion NP Angels Landing UT USA.JPG
TTS Zion Angels Landing 4 seater Waste Away (rear).JPG
TTS Waste Away Longs Peak.jpg
TTS Chasm Meadow Longs Peak.jpg
TTS at Talus Lodge BC.jpg
History of Toilets at Camp Muir Jan 7.pdf

Roger Robinson

May 28, 2019, 1:28:22 PM5/28/19
to Managing Human Waste in the Wild
Hi Geoff,

Great to see how far you have come since the Exit Strategies conference! Have you been in touch with the organizers for the Nepal Sustainable Summits 2020 conference? I think your work would make for an excellent presentation and booth. 

Cheers, Roger

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