Grey water discharges in high altitude campsites

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Aug 14, 2013, 7:57:38 PM8/14/13
Dear all,

I was just wondering if any park is dealing with grey water discharges in high altitude campsites. I have seen a lot being discussed about technologies for improving human waste management but I haven't found anything in grey water. For the case of Aconcagua (2400-6962 m a.s.l, 69 56 W, 32 30 S), for example, this could be a particular problem in base camps (>4200 m a.s.l) located on rock glaciers and next to small glacial lakes. 
There are lots of commercial tour operators that provide base camp services (kitchen, showers) to tourists. They use detergents (often not biodegradable) and other products which could contain N and P. These could be of ecological concern for glacial lakes, which are oligotrophic and often very sensitive to nutrient enrichment.

Do you know anyone that have addressed this issue and what is their management recommendation (e.g. type of technologies they are using / or technologies from low land that could be adapted to the high altitude)?

Thanks so much for the reply!

Kind regards,
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