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Aug 22, 2014, 8:20:55 AM8/22/14

Hello everyone!

I am a new Ph.D. student and am currently downloading some datasets. I tried the DDSM ( ) for at least a month but never got connected to their server. As an alternative I downloaded some cases from IRMA ( which hosts the DDSM mammograms in a PNG format. But the trouble is that this collection does not include the metadata, references and ground truths.

Has anyone recently downloaded from the DDSM ftp server?

Does anyone have the ground truths and other metadata for DDSM?

I already know of miniMiam( ) and INbreast ( ) but DDSM has comparatively more cases.

I see Fabián and Safi discussing the DDSM dataset. Please let me know if someone does have the DDSM references or know of any other source to get that from.

Best regards,

Noorul Wahab

Ph.D. Student

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences,

Islamabad Pakistan

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