Prophecy of Mother Theresa on Blessed Gorg Preca

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Jul 21, 2001, 2:27:18 PM7/21/01
Fr Guzepp Fenech in the catholic magazine Knisja Missjunarja (Missionary
Church) of July 2001 wrote that he visited India in 1985.

He met with various Maltese missionaries, but he also met with Mother Theresa.

As he was involved in the Beatification and Canonisation commission for Dun
Gorg Preca, the Maltese priest who was beatified last May by the Pope in
Malta, at that time he asked Mother Theresa to pray so that it would not be
long before Dun Gorg would be beatified.

Her prophetic answer was the following (the reproduced words are Mother
"The Holy Father will come to Malta and beatify your priest."

One can confirm these words by reading Knisja Missjunarja of January 1988,
page 14.

At that time, Dun Gorg had not even been declared venerable by the Pope and
the cause was still at its early stages. Many crucial testimonies had yet to
be heard.

Fr Fenech felt shivers when he heard this prophecy for the first time. Only
somebody with God's help could have said something like that, eventually
confirmed on 9th May 2001, when the Maltese gathered on the Floriana Granaries
(il-Fosos) to listen to His Excellency Archbishop Joseph Mercieca ask His
Holiness Pope John Paul to declare Dun Gorg blessed, together with another two
Maltese, the Cleric Nazju Falzon and Sister Maria Adeodata Pisani.

Moments later after some silence the Pope, seated as the Father of all
Christians, was heard declaring as Blessed, Dun Gorg, Nazju Falzon and
Adeodata Pisani; followed by a joyous outburst of clapping by the Maltese.

At that moment Fr Fenech felt that same shiver all over his body. It was as if
he could hear Mother Theresa tell him "Didn't I tell you back in 1985?"

Knisja Missjunarja can be obtained from: Opri Missjunarji Pontificji, Ufficcju
Missjunarju, 7 Triq il-Merkanti, Valletta, MALTA VLT-10. Phone: 365-236962.
Office times: 9am-12 except Thursday.

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