The Future of the MakerBot Operators Google Group

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Tiffany Diorio

Aug 8, 2014, 5:04:48 PM8/8/14

Hi MakerBot Operators,

Back in 2009, we set up the MakerBot Operators Google Group to be our main support line for customers working with our products. As MakerBot has grown, so has our membership base.  We have also grown our professional support department and rely on these experts to solve any and all support questions with MakerBot products.

We’ve been examining how we can best support and communicate with our user group and, as a result of this exercise, have decided to turn this Google Group into an archive and allocate the resources required to manage it to other support and social roles. What you’re not seeing as members of this group is the massive amount of spam that is manually filtered out daily. That’s time we are going to direct toward helping MakerBot owners.

There have been many useful discussions on the MakerBot Operators Google Group over the past five years, so we’re going to include some of the most helpful threads at the bottom of this message for everyone to refer to as needed. 

We are – as we always have been – here to support you.  Our expert Support staff is available  to help should you experience any issues with your MakerBot products. You can reach them by opening a case through our webform:

We have recently expanded our support by launching a knowledge base that offers tips-and-tricks, videos, and directions for working with your MakerBot product. You can find it on our Support webpage here:

One of the most important functions of this group has been for us to hear what you’re saying about our products – what works, what doesn’t, and suggestions for how we can improve our products and services. We would love to continue to learn from your experiences and welcome you to contact us. You can always send us an e-mail at

Please don’t let the change to this group keep you from being in touch and helping each other.  We’ve maintained the ability for you to contact one another through your email addresses. 

We appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us over the years and look forward to hearing from you in the future! 


Tiffany and the MakerBot Team

We compiled a list of some threads we think were the most helpful and interesting that you can find below:

My First Week with the Replicator 2 – lessons learned!topic/makerbot/H5PJpT0_pj0

Rep 2: Difficult leveling problem (no really. It’s difficult)!topic/makerbot/W-zmnBXZMBw

Installing Sailfish firmware instructions- The easy and correct way!topic/makerbot/ooG3FQLhIpA 

Newbie Replicator 2x Question: Power Failure Resets!topic/makerbot/wTx-O645sms

Filament Change Mid-Print?!topic/makerbot/WxbW66DLQS8

Making a vase or cup water tight?!topic/makerbot/fecw9j-u-hA

Heating Failure #4 on a Replicator with Dual Extrusion!topic/makerbot/w_76CgQ6xrg

Buying another Replicator 1... here's why....!topic/makerbot/wNXTVgr1gm8

What MakerBot do you have and what do you use it for?!topic/makerbot/DkMOZfZ4-Tw

Can't print PLA on 2X, loads fine but won't extrude on print, need suggestions!topic/makerbot/dH1S2ppT8D4

Etched Glass and Hairspray (, not the John Waters film)!topic/makerbot/E8cSw30ZOeQ

Introducing Sailfish (faster than a Marlin)!topic/makerbot/MISZe84b1pU%5B1-25-false%5D

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