I deposit $80,000 and Received $800,000 in one hour

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hyip Sundul

Apr 8, 2010, 11:30:52 AM4/8/10
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I deposit $80,000 and Received $800,000 in one hour
We belong to The Gleen-Management Company. Our company established in January 2007. Now we have been on the online market.As you sometimes know about trading currencies might be a difficult to earn from those markets. So we thought our offer shall help you to easy going on the currency online-investment markets.
Don't be panic to invest with us because of we are professional investors who had many experiences in currencies markets. We believe in a good management of our team and to bring you're going to your goals!
Investment offers: 3 products Investment Products Amounts(USD) Terms Profits
Junior 250 - 5,000 800% after 12 hours  800%
Senior 5,001 - 50,000 900% After 6 hours  900%
Retirement 50,001 - 250,000 1000% after 1 hour  1000%
Why many people would be one of our company?
1. We are professional investors. 
2. 100% of funds get risky free.
3. Don't need to register. That can be safe from hacker.
4. Stable income. 
5. Many Experiences in currency markets
I deposit $80,000 and Received $800,000 in one hour
Date: 2010-04-06 09:38
Batch: 347443XX
U3657601 (gleenmanagement)
Amount: $800,000.00
Memo: Gleenmanagement.com

If you deposit with my link,I guaranteed your money are 100% safe.

my referral link

You can find the site listed on

100% guaranteed paying No risk No lost.
If you deposit with My Referral link,I will return 20% of your deposit.
If you don't get paid from Gleenmanagement.com,please mailto: war...@hotmail.com
I will return 200% of your deposit.You have no risk! Because I trusted them , I made more than $2 millions profit in them.
So I can guaranteed. Never loss and No risk.

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